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The market for web design and hosting services is BOOMING. Worldwide, the web services industry continues to grow impressively at a rate of 17%/yr. Even if you’re a non technical person, you can still earn significant income by referring customers to us. We pay recurring commission of up to 25% directly to your Jamaican bank account!

With our affiliate program, your potential income is unlimited. You earn commission every time someone signs up using your promotional code. But it doesn’t stop there. You also earn a percentage of commissions from affiliates you refer to the program in your downline. You can get paid up to 4 levels in your downline!

Apply for the Blitz Web Design External Agent Affiliate Programme. We will review your application and get in touch with you as soon as possible

Your earning potential is unlimited. Whenever someone signs up using your promotional code you will receive commission on that referral. You also receive commission from affiliates in your downline.

Joining our affiliate program is FREE. New affiliates join at the Affiliate Starter level and are then promoted to higher Affiliate levels as their earned commission increases.

No. You will only be paid for legitimate referrals for as long as those customers stay with Blitz. If your referred customer cancels their service with us, you will no longer receive that commission. Commission payments for your referrals are not dependent on new persons joining the affiliate program in any way.

Also, unlike pyramid schemes there is no fee to join the program, no fee to be promoted to higher Affiliate levels and no payment to affiliates simply for signing up new downline affiliates. To get paid from your downline affiliates, they must also refer legitimate customers using their promo code.

Web services are becoming essential for businesses and individuals to have. Unlike other network marketed products such as coffee or herbal products, web hosting, and domain registration are essential business services that MUST be paid on a monthly or yearly basis to keep a website active. Many of our clients host websites with us for a decade or more having been with us since we began operation.

Also, because our affiliate program is not a pyramid scheme, we do not require new Affiliates to join the program in order to pay you your commission. You can however, earn significantly more by referring other Affiliates in your downline.

There is no time limit on how long you can receive your recurring commissions. With our Affiliate Program so long as your referred customers stay with Blitz Web Design and we continue to operate our Affiliate Program, you will continue to receive your commission payments.

An exception to note is commission paid on Website Payment Plans which is paid on the first two months only.

Affiliate Diamond is our highest commission payout level. You get up to 25% commission on select products and a downline up to 4 levels.

Affiliate Diamond is available by invitation only. To qualify you should fit one or more of the following criteria:

  • Be a freelance web developer
  • Have a web development business with active customers
  • Be a freelance marketer or marketing company with active clients
  • Be an exiting Blitz affiliate with a proven track record of successful commissions and downline affiliates
  • Have an active blog or website with high traffic
  • Have one or more social media accounts with a high following
  • Have another significant advantage in attracting clients and other affiliates

Apply to become an Affiliate Diamond member by sending an email to

Payments are initiated on the 28th of each month directly to your Jamaican bank account or Paypal account. To be eligible for a payment your total commission balance must meet or exceed the payment threshold amount ($7,000 JMD or US equivalent)

Depending on the volume of payments we have to process in a given month it may take up to 10 business days from payment initiation for you to receive your commission payment.

The following products are included in the affiliate program:

  • Rocksteady Elite & Ultimate
  • All Wicket-Keeper Managed Hosting & Maintenance Plans
  • Wicket Keeper 5 hour and 10 hour packages
  • All Jouvert Website Builder Plans
  • Blitz Search Optimizer
  • Blitz Traffic Assured
  • Professional Email Ultimate
  • All Domain Registrations
  • All SSL Certificates
  • NEW!: All Choose Your Price customers (accepted bids only)
  • NEW!: All Make the Switch customers (manual notification of the referral required for this product)

See table above for commission percentages.


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