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What is Ecommerce you may ask? Well this is also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce and this refers to the selling and buying of goods and/or services using the internet as the main channel; along with the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions daily.

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Most Professional Industries In Jamaica See The Value Of Having A Website

At Blitz Web Design, we boast clients from a wide variety of industries in Jamaica who have built successful websites. We measure our clients’ success by gauging how well their initial objectives match the usefulness of their present website design. Practically though, any reasonable measure of success also includes how much new interest and sales their website generates for the product or services you provide. Our clients include companies from many different professional industries and includes individuals with a wide variety of interests.

Here are the industries and genres where our clients tell us they are really benefiting from having a website:

Attorneys and Law Firm Websites and other Professional Service Providers

We get approached by quite a few legal professionals to build a lawfirm website in jamaica or a website for attorneys in Jamaica practicing on their own. We have by far more attorneys as clients than any other single industry. We proudly boast the largest law firm in the Caribbean as one of our successful custom clients.

The canons of professional conduct for attorneys in Jamaica restrict the ways lawyers can advertise for clients. A professional website seems to be the perfect way for attorneys and law firms to gain exposure within these limitations. There also seem to be a lot of Jamaicans locally and in the diaspora searching for legal services relating to land and property acquisition especially expats considering a return home. The majority of our law firm clients use their website to get leads on potential clients who request consultations through the website. The Jamaican public seems to regularly turn to Google to search for legal services in Jamaica thus making a website a low risk investment for an attorney or law firm with a very good chance of successful professional exposure.

Similarly, other professional service providers such as doctors offices, dentists, medical specialists, accountants and accounting firms form a large portion of our client base and are often just as successful online. Their projects tend to be similarly successful. One such client receives numerous online service requests from kidney patients who must have dialysis while visiting the island from overseas.

Large, Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Company Websites

Quite a few of our web design Jamaica clients are manufacturers. The feedback they give us is that their websites provide them with benefits in a number of ways:

  • The website serves as a means of attracting new potential customers who have questions.
  • The site is the most effective means of exposing the company’s brand and products to the overseas market and potential distributors in those markets.
  • Instead of constantly sending out sales brochures or catalogues, the website serves as a centrally located informational resource that sales persons can use to inform customers on the go.

Here too, Jamaican manufacturers have a huge audience of members of the diaspora searching Google for Jamaican products. Some or our larger manufacturing clients get website traffic from searches for a single product that may be more popular than all the others. In this way, a single stand out product serves as a way of introducing their customers to their full product offering. Another website client of ours involved in manufacturing tells us that potential customers who come to them from their website tend to be more informed and make a decision to purchase quicker than customers obtained by other means.

Event Planning Websites

Our clients involved in event planning in Jamaica enjoy huge successes from a well maintained website. Jamaicans seem to regularly be searching for event planners, wedding planners, stage, sound and lighting providers and they are turning to search engines to find the right provider.

Our clients also tell us that because event planning is all about visuals and decor, high quality images and video on their website help to entice potential customers in ways a phone call or traditional ad cannot.

These clients are also successful at cutting down the time required to convey information to clients. This helps them to make decisions faster with a strategic website design which steers the visitors attention in all the right directions.

Travel and Tour Websites for Visitors to Jamaica

Our clients in the tour and travel industry and those who provide services to foreigners do very well with their websites right now. Tourists often perform a Google search before landing on the island to find places that provide, accommodation, food and beverages, entertainment and medical services. We have clients who utilize their websites to meet all these needs and who get many sales leads through having their website.

Shipping and Logistics Websites

The internet lends itself to this type of business very well. Shipping, logistics and courier company websites in Jamaica take advantage of a fairly large audience looking for these services online. Quite a few of our clients are freight forwarders and so their customers already use the internet to research products on their favourite websites and shop online. It’s only natural that these internet savvy customers would also use an internet search engine to find a reliable freight forwarder or shipping company website. A shipping company website design that strategically directs the user’s attention to services they are looking for works well for our clients in this industry.

Secretarial Organizations and Non-Profit Websites

Organizations that have a medium to large membership base comprise some of our most satisfied clients. They regularly use their website to communicate notices to their members and provide documents that are necessary for their members to fill out. Here, a well designed website has the advantage of making data capture easier: members can fill out forms in html which go directly to the secretariat or administrators of the organization.

The medical council of Jamaica is one such organization that chose Blitz Web Design to design its website to meet the above-mentioned goals. They’ve been very satisfied with how effectively the website allows them to keep in touch with the thousands of registered doctors across Jamaica.

If your organization has an existing base of members or is a church or non-profit that needs to communicate with multiple stakeholders, our experience tells us that a website will work very well for you.

Local Franchises and Distributors for Overseas Companies

Like with manufacturers, Jamaican distributors of products made overseas tend to do well by having a website. Our experience is that they are better able to convey information to their potential clients by having a website that lists all their products. They are also able to introduce lesser known products to their existing customers through their website.

Property Management, Construction and Real Estate Developer Websites

Property and real estate websites do well for our clients. They serve as quick reference points to showcase a house or apartment for rent or sale. A well designed website with high resolution pictures and even video will cut down on the time real estate agents need to travel to show a property. Similarly with construction company websites in Jamaica, their customers love to see a portfolio or previous developments completed by the developer and also see if there are any development units for sale.

Ecommerce Websites in Jamaica

Ecommerce website span a wide variety of industries. On the list of successful types of websites there are quite a few examples where ecommerce is concerned. However, we should note that ecommerce websites in Jamaica or in any other country have a higher probability of failure than other types of sites. We find that ecommerce websites require a clear strategic approach, higher investment of time and money and aggressive marketing to their niche that many of our potential clients are not initially prepared for. The conservative approach is to use a low cost ecommerce website template as a safe way to start your ecommerce project if your budget is limited. That said, we’ve documented many of the pitfalls made by clients who have set out to build ecommerce websites and want to share those with you. Read more on ecommerce websites below to find out.

Personal Blogs

Personal blogs are a great way to document your knowledge and ideas about a topic that interests you. While your success may not be initially measured in dollars, there is something to be said for the satisfaction that posting your own thoughts and ideas for the world to see will give you. Your unique perspective as a Jamaican is valuable in the online space and can bring you traffic through search engines. There are many examples of small personal blogs that have become popular and get a lot of traffic allowing the blog owner to monetize that traffic in different ways. We’ll discuss monetization strategies later on.

Unique Website Ideas

We’ve had many unique website ideas come to us over the years. The truth: despite our best efforts some websites are successful and some are not. Again, the initial objective of the website is a key benchmark for testing the success of each website project.

Those clients who come to us with a clear strategic objective, and who have educated themselves on the work involved with owning a website tend to enjoy higher success rates in our experience. We also see that clients who have some significant real world advantage do better with their website sales/revenue. They either exclusively distribute a product or service, have a patented product or service or leverage some form of notoriety or celebrity in boosting their website to becoming a success.

Again, despite our best efforts there are some types website ideas we find simply don’t work and you should steer away from.


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