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Take the hassle out of hosting and maintaining your website with a Wicket-Keeper Managed Hosting & Maintenance plan. At Blitz Web Design we not only build websites that work, we provide management and monitoring so they keep working! With Wicket-Keeper Managed Hosting & Maintenance, Blitz is with you at every step of the way.
Even if you didn’t build your website with Blitz, you can still sign-up for a Wicket-Keeper plan and reap all the benefits. Choosing our managed hosting combined with a maintenance plan is a cost effective way to keep your website up-to-date and working round the clock to earn you business.

Find out more about website security and virus protection.

We’ve seriously slashed our prices for a limited time only. We can’t promise these prices forever! Don’t wait. Sign up today for any of the Wicket-Keeper plans below.

A minimum sign-up period of 3 months is applicable on all Wicket-Keeper plans.

Our Wicket-Keeper Maintained Websites Enjoy Higher Success Rates Because They

Have fresh content that retains visitors

Enjoy higher Search Engine Rankings

Reach & convert visitors FASTER

Allow you to focus on your marketing your site

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Pay Less And Get More With Managed Hosting & Maintenance

Question: Aren’t your Wicket-Keeper Managed Hosting and Maintenance plans more expensive than shared hosting?

On the surface, yes, our Managed Hosting and Maintenance services cost more on a month-to-month basis. However, in the long term, keeping your website maintained is the far more cost effective option.

Things on the web change fast. The website you build today can easily become outdated in look and function within the next 18-24 months. If you chose not to maintain your website during that time, a complete redesign of your website might become necessary to bring it up to current standards. Also, websites that are not regularly maintained and have their code updated become more prone to hacking and site failures which can cost you even more in on-demand maintenance fees.

If you’re serious about your website’s success, choosing a package that includes website maintenance can help you to delay the periodic cost of redesigning your website and its the best way to secure your data from hacks.

The Truth That Most Web Developers Won't Tell You...

The reality of building a successful website is that the real work in making it a success begins once the website development process is complete. Content management updates, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, well written content and constant data backups are just some of the tools our top tier Wicket-Keeper plans provide.

If having your website return on your investment is a priority for you, choose any of our top tier Wicket-Keeper Managed Hosting and Maintenance plans (Super or Triple Century) and get advanced tools from Blitz to skyrocket your success.

Set Goals For Your Managed Hosting And Track Your Results

Tracking the success of your website project is an important aspect of the overall website management process. Having established your goals for the website from the start you will now be able to look at different metrics to see how well your website’s performance matches your initial objectives.

One simple way to to know what’s happening with your website is to have a feedback form that asks users for suggestions or comments in areas of concern to you. Running surveys on your website can also give you more detailed feedback that may be helpful in steering the future direction of your website.

Quite a few tools exist which you already have access to for free that can tell you even more detailed statistics about your visitors and how they interact with your site. Here are some of the tools that you can request as a part of your Managed Hosting and Maintenance plan with us:

  • Google Analytics: This is available for free to anyone with a gmail account. Setup Analytics on your website to see details of your web page’s bounce rate, click-through rate, visitor retention time and an explanation of what these terms mean and why they are important.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: Webmaster Tools like analytics helps you to determine certain key metrics happening with your website. Webmaster Tools has the additional benefit of guiding you in terms of your content organization and your search engine visitorship. Webmaster Tools can show you what keywords are getting you the most traffic and will serve as a helpful guide in creating content to better target the keywords that are working for you. You can also get insight into how your website structure and mobile compatibility affect your search engine rankings.
  • Also, we throw in a server side web statistics software like AW Stats. Server-side statistic software can be a little more accurate in terms of telling you how many unique visitors you have in any given month. Server-side stats will also tell you how much bandwidth your website is consuming so you will know how your content is being consumed by your users and how that consumption is affecting your web hosting spend.

The level of visitor engagement on social media especially visitors directed to your social media pages from your website, is also good indication of how well your website is reaching your target audience.

The tools listed above are all free and can be setup upon request as an adjunct to your Managed Hosting and Maintenance plan with Blitz. These tools are key to informing your website strategy over the lifetime of your project.


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