Secure Your Website, Fix Malware And Hacking

There is a website hacking attempt on the internet every 39 seconds. What’s worse is that 43% of website hacks affect small and medium sized business websites.

It may be only a matter of time before you will need to fix a that website is hacked by malicious code designed to delete, alter or use your website’s content for malicious purposes such as phishing.
You may also need to ‘fix dangerous website warning’ that Chrome and other browsers may display once your website is hacked. Fixing a hacked website that’s in an advanced state of compromise can be costly and can ruin your business’s reputation with customers.

Become proactive and protect your website against hacks with our managed hosting and website security packages. We offer advanced packages to remove website viruses, fix wordpress website hacks and patch website vulnerabilities

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Let Blitz Web Design Secure Your Website Against Viruses And Hacking. Here Are Some Key Features

Remove malware or hacking on an existing website

We specialize in SSL and secure WordPress websites

Keep your website up-to-date with more secure code

Host with us for ongoing maintenance and security

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