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How do I decide on the right domain name to register for my business?

Your website will be accessed by persons clicking on or typing in your domain name. Think of your domain name as a physical address that people can access your website content by typing it into a browser.

There are two popular trends when it comes to choosing a domain name: you can either register a descriptive keyword domain name for a branded domain name

A descriptive or keyword domain name contains keywords that describe the purpose for your website and also keywords that you hope someone will type into a search engine to find your website.

A branded domain name ignores descriptive keywords and instead uses your own unique company name or unique brand name that you’ve made up for your business. Here is where you can go crazy making up unique combinations of words and phrases. As a Jamaican, you should have no shortage of phrases and tings whe yu can mek up whe sound good. Through or false? Is Through!!!

Seriously though, there’s a huge debate among tech professionals and search engine optimisers as to which type of domain name is better to use. This is especially true since Google recently dialed down the importance of keyword domains. This means that keyword domains won’t give you as much traffic from a search engine as they previously would. Engineers at Google have also publicly stated that the search engine giant tends to prefer unique branded domains in more recent times.

So does that mean you should always go for a branded domain name over a keyword domain name? Not so fast.

If you are entering a very small niche or even starting a new niche of your own it’s still a better idea to go with keyword domain name. That’s because you need a descriptive keyword domain name to differentiate your website from topics that may have similar words but not relate to your niche. Let’s say you are starting a website for visitors to Jamaica who want to visit only the Cockpit Country in Trelawny. That’s a pretty specific niche that may not have many players to give you competition right now. In a case like this it would be better to go with a descriptive keyword domain like or similar name. However if you want to build a tour and travel website to sell tours all over Jamaica, go instead with a unique branded domain name for registration. The competition to sell travel tours to Jamaica is much higher. A unique branded domain, (think or with a word or two that are unique to your business will give you more traction than trying to compete for keywords in an already saturated online marketplace.

Whether you choose keyword domain names or branded domain names try to make your domain as short, pronounceable and memorable as possible. You will gain traction if people can easily remember your domain name and type it into a browser. This is called Direct Type-in Traffic and can save you a lot of work in trying to retain your customers and visitors.


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