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Mobile App Development

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We build mobile applications that work to boost your business or launch your ingenious idea! Take advantage of our lowest prices ever and get a successful mobile application to make your business soar.

With a mobile app you can engage your users or customers right where they are and in the palm of their hand.

Even if you already have a well-functioning website, a mobile app can help boost your sales and exposure. Blitz Web Design offers cross-platform mobile application development and provide hosting and database management along with on-going updates and maintenance of the app itself.



Why Mobile APPs?

Over the last Five years, the usage of mobile apps has increased at an exponential rate. There is no use denying how prevalent mobile phone users has become. Studies show that mobile subscribers prefer to browse with mobile apps than browsing the web on other devices. As a result, there has been a significant shift in the way customers absorb information.

Time spent in mobile apps now far outweighs the time spent on the mobile web, which means consumers have found a new way to interact with your business; while on the go, and even when they have access to other mediums like the web and television. It’s clear that if you want to engage users long-term, utilizing mobile applications has to be a leading part of your strategy. What better way to get ahead of the curve than to have your friendly experts helps you reach more by developing applications that are designed with your product and customers in mind.

Benefits of Mobile APP

Customer Value

Providing customer value is at the top of the list for every successful business. Convenience is a major part of providing customer value. Customers like convenience, and providing you products and services or information about your product and services is a whole lot more convenience especially with the increasing use of mobile applications.

Maybe you’ve sat down with your employees and tried to nail down the best way to encourage your customers to purchase more. 

You want to increase their interaction with your business to promote sales, of course, but you also want to provide a level of value for your customers that they can’t get anywhere else. Building a mobile application for your product or service is the perfect solution as it increases customer engagement and provides that level of value that puts you over the top with your competitors.

Brand Building

Another Major requirement to succeed or improve your business is Brand building Mobile Apps offers you an elegant but simple solution to your branding needs. Improve your customer’s awareness and communication with your brand today by building a mobile application.

In addition to this, you foster customer trust. The more your customer interact with your brand is the more they will trust you and listen to you. This means that customers are more likely to use your products and also promote your brand to others.

Distributing fridge magnets, calendars, and other random memorabilia with your company logo on it has served in the past both as advertisement and assistance, mobile apps strengthen your brand and educate your customers.

Customer Service

Times are changing customer service is no longer just about face to face communication between smiling sales associates and customers anymore.

Over 2.6 billion people now have high-powered mobile devices within arm’s reach at all times, which means that the game has changed. Give yourself a tactical advantage with a mobile app.

For those services that require a lot of support build a mobile app that provides that support. Human beings are prone to mood swings and erratic behavior that affect the quality of service your customers receive. Improve your customer service with a mobile app that is geared towards educating and providing your customers with the same level of superior expertise every time.


Business is about delivering value but it’s also about making a profit. Customer satisfaction goes a long what in growing profits as the two goes hand in hand.

Customers spend base on how they feel they are being treated. If customers feel pleased with the product and services your business offers, the more the demand.

What better way to inform your customer of that must get product than a mobile app to benefit from that demand.

Many websites today are designed with the mobile responsiveness that fits the website on many mobile devices. Which eliminates the frustration of having a secondary “mobile” site to manage. A mobile app in addition to your responsive website doubles the profit.

According to, up to 35.4 percent of Black Friday sales, last year was completed on mobile devices. That’s up from the 16 percent they were just a few years ago.




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