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Blitz Web Design offers an Affiliate Program and pays commission to Our Affiliates at rates stated on Our ‘Become an Affiliate’ page. All Affiliates must agree agree to the following terms of our Affiliate Program:

1.) Joining our Affiliate Program is Free. Participation of Affiliates in our Affiliate Program is always voluntary. Affiliates may not solicit payments to sign-up other Affiliates and may not offer cash incentives to referred customers of Sub-Affiliates in any way.

2.) Commission is paid on legitimate, verified, completed sale referrals to Our products and services when a customer enters Your referral Promotional Code at checkout on our website. Commission is not paid on sales not done though our website and Blitz Web Design reserves the right to verify all sales and ensure the referred customer is a new customer before paying commission. If a referred customer neglects to input a Promo Code at the time of checkout, Blitz Web Design will allow a maximum of 15 days for the referring Affiliate to notify us in order for that Affiliate to receive commission on the sale.

3.) Commission is only paid for new customers sent to Blitz Web Design who do not now have or have ever had products or services with Blitz Web Design. Commission is also not paid if a referred customer is now or ever has been a member of Our Affiliate Program.

4.) Affiliates may not refer sales for products or services they plan to personally use and must seek special permission to refer a sale which is to be paid for using a credit card that bears their name. Affiliates who do not seek said permission may have their Commission’s voided. Commission on shared or managed hosting will only be paid on purchased services that are in Full Use. This means that hosting accounts must have live data and or active email and or show the activity of a public facing website or the intention to establish one of the foregoing features within 60 days of purchase.

5.) Affiliates MAY NOT use traffic that is generated by pop-up/under ads, SPAM, unsolicited or unwelcomed mass e-mail campaigns, purchased traffic or similar methods. You may promote your Affiliate promo code using legitimate pay-per-click advertising such as Google Adwords and with legitimate opt-in email marketing to persons known to you or who are in your opt-in network.

6.) Affiliates may not copy Blitz Web Design’s website or any portions thereof.

7.) Affiliates may use Our trademark, logo or other unique creations including  any promotional text found on our website, and display them on their own site or subdomain for the expressed purpose of promoting Our products and services in a positive way to encourage new sign-ups.

8.) You are free to bid on pay-per-click networks for keywords related to web hosting with the intent to direct traffic to blitzwebdesign.com and our product pages. We do not allow any brand name / Trademark bidding (using the Blitz Web Design name)

9.) Affiliates MAY NOT engage in the advertisement of business-opportunity sites or use marketing practices that attract fraudulent or short-term customers (customers with low retention and renewal rates) which shall be determined at Our sole discretion. Any Affiliate whose referred customers show a pattern of low retention or low rate of renewal over any period of time, as determined at Our sole discretion will have their commissions voided and Affiliate account terminated.

10.) Affiliates who refer any customers that issue a charge back or are found to be fraudulent (e.g. false information, fake/stolen credit cards, selling counterfeit goods but not limited only to the foregoing), as determined in Blitz Web Design’s sole discretion, will have their commissions reversed regardless of the amount of time that has passed since the signup occurred.

11.) Affiliates who have three or more customers referred customers who have cancelled their account within a 6 month period for reasons not owing to Our quality of service or other fault on Our part, as determined at Blitz Web Design’s sole discretion, are liable to have their Affiliate account terminated at any time of Our choosing.

12.) Blitz Web Design reserves the right to wait up to 45 days before clearing a commission for release to an Affiliate to account for possible credit card fraud.

13.) You, the affiliate, will operate independently of Blitz Web Design, and nothing in this Terms of Service will create any partnership, joint venture, agency franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between the You and Blitz Web Design. You will have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on Blitz Web Design’s behalf. You will not make any statement, whether on your site or otherwise, that reasonably would contradict anything in this Terms of Service. You are not an agent of Blitz Web Design, and Blitz Web Design expressly disclaims responsibility for any conduct by you in violation of this Terms of Service. Blitz Web Design offers this Affiliate Program at its sole discretion and reserves the right to alter the terms of, restrict access of any or all Affiliates to, suspend or terminate in part or whole, Our Affiliate Program at any time of Our choosing.

14.) As an Affiliate You understand that You have no ownership in the referred customer as a client of Blitz Web Design and that ownership of your referred customer’s purchases, potential future purchases, and asset value belongs solely to Blitz Web Design and is not shared with you in any way.

15.) All Affiliates are required to maintain an active account in order to receive payments. Affiliates who have not made any new referrals within a ten month period can have their account marked as inactive. Inactive accounts do not receive commissions. If no further referrals come from an inactive account that account can be terminated at any point of Our choosing without further notice to the Affiliate. If an inactive account makes a new referral prior to termination, that inactive account it will be reactivated and previous commission payments will be made as before.

16.) Payment is made electronically via bank transfer to any Jamaican bank using ACH or RTGS transfer methods. If Your local bank does not support electronic ACH or RTGS transfers You will not be paid to your bank account. We also make transfers to Your paypal account. It is Your responsibility to ensure that your account details on file with us are accurate including bank and Paypal details. Payment is initiated on the 28th of the month and may take up to 10 business days thereafter to reflect in your account. Blitz Web Design reserves the right to delay on applying any commission payments to Your account in any circumstance for up to 45 days from initial purchase to protect against fraudulent credit card transactions or for any other reason.

17. All Affiliates must act in good faith toward Blitz Web Design and must take no action that would negatively hurt Blitz Web Design or cause Us to lose customers whether the customer is referred by you or otherwise obtained. Affiliates must interact with Blitz Web Design’s staff in a professional manner at all times and complaints if any should be lodged in writing to the appropriate Affiliate Manager. At no time will an Affiliate perform any action which could defame, disparage or otherwise negatively affect the business of Blitz Web Design.

18. No Affiliate commission is paid on rejected Choose Your Price bids.

19. Commission will only be paid to fully active Affiliate accounts. Commission will not be paid on purchases referred before You signed up to become an Affiliate.



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